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The (Sherry) Cobbler

Sherry. Fruit. Soda.

This is a classic drink, and could be varied in a million different ways. It’s going to be built directly into a tall glass, with crushed ice (wrap ice in a tea-towel and hit fuck out of it – this is quite therapeutic).

1. Into glass, add:

  • 50 ml Sherry.

  • A mix of fruit, whatever’s to hand. Ideally with some citrus (lemon, orange). Grapes and mint pictured (yes I know mint’s not a fruit).

2. Muddle the sherry and the fruit together – if you haven’t got a muddler just use anything blunt – a wooden spoon or some such.

3. Place as much crushed ice as you can into the glass and churn it all up together with a spoon.

4. Top with soda and more Ice.

5. You can garnish this with any fruit you feel like, or don’t if you feel there’s already enough there. Crushed ice drinks are easier consumed with straws – you can buy metal ones online quite cheap if you feel you’ll use them. But only metal ones mind – save the turtles.

Some Notes:

  • Sherry – You could use any sherry in this, and I would assume whatever sherry you have to hand is one you like. However given the choice I would go for Oloroso (pictured).

  • Icecrushing the ice is by no means compulsory, but does suit the drink.

  • Variations – if you follow this recipe and replace sherry/soda with Pimm’s/lemonade, you’ll have a delicious Pimm’s Cup. Or you could use a mixture of gin and your favourite liqueur in place of the sherry. Literally anything you think you’d enjoy cold and fruity.


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