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Desert Island Drams

An archive of video chats with friends, industry leaders and top drinkers. All with the purpose of finding out which three drams you would take to a desert island.

Episode 28
Stef Holt

Stef Holt, Whisky Ambassador and Head of Brand Training at Speciality Brands, joins me to chat about the recent changes to Japanese Whisky, the perceptions of World Whisky in general, and her Desert Island Drams.

Episode 27
Alex Dahlenburg

Pillar of the Australian Whisky Industry Alex Dahlenburg joins me this week to talk tales, travel and drams.

Episode 26
Frank Murphy

A true living legend on this edition of Desert Island Drams. Frank Murphy invites me into his world famous pub – The Pot Still in Glasgow – to discuss whisky journeys and the unicorns we find on them.

Episode 25
Mike Aikman

In this weeks episode, I talk to Mike Aikman of the Bramble Whisky Co and Mothership about whisky, mixed drinks and the industry at large.

Episode 24
Jessie Estes

While I love whisky, sometimes it’s even more fun to delve into a category I know little about – and there’s no one better to talk agave with than Tequila Ocho’s Jesse Estes.

Episode 23
Dominic Tait

Creating a vermouth made with Scottish botanicals and new make spirit, as well as Italian wine, might seem like insanity. But that’s just what Tait Bros did – and Dominic tells us the story on this week’s

Episode 22
Matt Bailey

Great to have Matt Bailey of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society – Australian branch here this week to chat about the way the SMWS works, the trails it blazed, the 🇦🇺 Whisky Scene and of course his 🏝 🥃 .

Viewers in Aus stay tuned until the end for a very generous offer from the Society.

Episode 21
Dan Woolley

Dan Woolley, founder of Highwayman Whisky tells us about making his very own dram as well as giving some insight on the role of small, innovative distilleries in the industry.

Episode 20
Hugh Barron

A fascinating look at the ins and outs of independent bottling and the role these companies play in the industry – with someone at the heart of it: James Eadie Whisky’s Hugh Barron.

Episode 19
Xmas Special Feat. Chris Deacon (Pt. 2)

Part two of our first Christmas special. Turning the format on its head a bit, Deeks asks me the questions and we share some drams as well.

Episode 18
Xmas Special Feat. Chris Deacon (Pt. 1)

Part one of our first Christmas special. Turning the format on its head a bit, Deeks asks me the questions and we shared some drams as well.

Episode 17
Dean MacGregor

In a slight change to the norm, I talk to Dean MacGregor – Rum Ambassador for Speciality Brands – about tiki culture and what whisky can take from the rum world.

Episode 16
Nathan Shearer

Thrilled to be back with the first of two Desert Island Drams with Portfolio Ambassadors from Speciality Brands – firstly this week with Nathan Shearer talking whisky and drinks from 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇯🇵 and all over. Stay tuned next week for Dean MacGregor talking Rum and Tiki culture.

Episode 15
Sam Bygrave

Great to catch up with Sam Bygrave, previously of Australian Bartender Magazine and now running his own publication in Booth

Episode 14
Charlie Hoosen Sykes

Wonderful catching up with Charlie from Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking to talk about brand integrity, cocktails, gendered drinks and all sorts of spirits.

Episode 13
Mark Davidson

Great to have Mark Davidson, fearless leader at Royal Mile Whiskies’ Edinburgh Shop and curator of Jolly Toper Whisky Tastings talking about: talking about whisky, huge price tags and of course his island drams.

Episode 12
Ross Bryant

Great to have Ross Bryant from No.3 London Dry Gin. We chat about the comparisons and contrasts between gin and whisky, industry egos and of course Ross’s three Desert Island Drams.

Episode 11
Andy Gemmell

Ahead of the first live Desert Island Drams I sat down with Andy Gemmell in Uno Mas bar Edinburgh to chat about a couple of the whiskies we’d picked out for the night.

Episode 10
Sam Simmons

This week was a lot of fun with Sam Simmons, Head of Whisky at Atom Brands. We catch up about the joys of being an independent bottler producing both everyday drinkers and one off rarities.

Episode 09
Ross Blainey

Old friends getting together is always going to result in extended chat. A very fun (if long) Desert Island Drams this week with Ross Blainey of The Balvenie – Brand Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand. We discuss the evolution of the Australian whisky industry, our idiotic whisky fueled adventures and of course the drams Blainey would take to the Island.

Episode 08
Claire Tesh - Angus Dundee Distillers limited

A lot of fun catching up with Claire Tesh of Angus Dundee Distillers limited. In her role as European Brand Ambassador she looks after Glencadam and Tomintoul – we chat about the distilleries’ ‘cult’ following and the perception of scotch around Europe. Finishing of course with her three DIDs.

Episode 07
Luke Skipper - whisky lover and all round cynic

Part of the ethos behind Desert Island Drams (and W & C in general) was always to give a platform to all sides of the whisky and drinks industry – including consumers. So, this week it’s Luke Skipper – drinks enthusiast, whisky lover and all round cynic – talking industry content and marketing (and why keeping the consumer in mind is important), Japanese whisky and of course his three drams for the W & C Island.

Episode 06
Mariella Romano - Lagg and and Arran Distilleries

Mariella Romano joins us this week. As Global Brand Ambassador for Lagg and and Arran Distilleries, she gives us insight on young independent distilleries and their place in such a varied marketplace

Episode 05
David Smillie - Wemyss Family Spirits

For the first time, Desert Island Drams are discussed in person. Old friend David Smillie of Wemyss Family Spirits joins me on the banks of Loch Fyne to talk young distilleries, independent bottlings and of course his three drams for the island.

Episode 04
Conor O’Keeffe - Nauticus Bar (Leith)

Neighbourhood whisky bars are invaluable in bringing knowledge and appreciation to all. Great to have Conor of Nauticus Bar (Leith) to talk Irish Whiskey and local watering holes.

Episode 03
Cam Ewen - Manager and Whisky Ambassador - Balmoral Hotel

This week we have Cam Ewen, Manager and Whisky Ambassador at the Balmoral Hotel (Edinburgh)’s Scotch Bar. Here to talk high end malts, hotel bars and of course his Desert Island Drams

Episode 02
Lex Getley - Sydney Australia

Part of the concept behind Desert Island Drams was always to hear from folk aligned to the whisky industry (and drinks industry at large) from all sides. Rather than just have bar owners/bartenders/brand ambassadors/distillers etc., the idea of having consumers and ‘at-home’ was always in the ethos. To that end, Lex Getley is here this week from Sydney, Australia

Episode 01
Stef Anderson - The Devil's Advocate Whisky Bar

In the first of a new series, W & C catches up with Stefanie Anderson, Bar Manager of The Devils Advocate whisky bar in Edinburgh. We talk about Scotland’s remote distilleries, the benefits of being a whisky enthusiast, and which three whiskies Stef would take to a desert island.

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