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About Simon and Whisky & Cynicism
Simon Smith

Simon has worked in the drinks industry - on both sides of the world -  for well over a decade now, progressing early on to senior management in a variety of venues specialising in high end dining, craft cocktails, whisky and always impeccable customer service. 


During that time a love for all things whisky inevitably lead to it also being a professional focus. While a passion and expertise for all sides of the drinks industry remained, working in a distillery, one of the world’s top whisky bars and eventually spending three years in a whisky-focused sales role cemented Simon’s place on the whisky landscape.


Having spent two years developing Whisky and Cynicism, at first as a blog in the ‘drinks space’ and then eventually running events and tastings under the brand, the decision to start a full time enterprise was an easy one. Since then it has become a name synonymous with some of the most progressive and engaging drinks events - both independently and in conjunction with brands. Acting as a senior consultant for leading venues in Scotland primarily in spirits procurement and training, he also offers strategic services to drinks brands covering sales, marketing, messaging and asset creation.


Although a newcomer W&C has already become known as an exceptional resource for those on all sides of the drinks industry.

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