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Fair and Warmer

White Rum. Curacao (or Cointreau or Triple Sec). Bianco Vermouth.

This is essentially a rum martini, based on a classic 2:1 spirit to sweetener ratio – the sweeter just being a mix of two different liquids. This is a stirred drink, served ‘up’ (no ice), so we’re going to need to stir it in one vessel and then move it to another.

If you haven’t got a purpose built mixing glass, you can use a shaker tin. If you came here with no equipment, grab a big glass (pint glass ideal). Use a big wine glass if you want. Just nothing made out of wicker.

1. Into your mixing thing (per drink):

  • 50 ml (4 parts) White Rum.

  • 12.5 ml (1 Part) Curacao (or whatever orange sweet thing you’re using).

  • 12.5 ml (1 Part) Bianco Vermouth

  • As much as ice as you can fin

2. Stir it all until it’s cold (about 30 seconds probably).

3. ‘Strain’ it into a cocktail glass (literally any glass you want to drink it out of). If you’ve not got any cocktail equipment, to strain simply use something to keep the ice IN your mixing vessel, whilst you pour the liquid OUT and into your glass.

4. Garnish with an orange twist if you have.

Some Notes

  • Vermouth – this recipe appears in Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930), in which the eponymous Craddock calls for Italian Vermouth. Unfortunately, those crafty Italians produce many types of vermouth, so it’s hard to know which he meant. I tend to think when older texts call for vermouth, ‘Italian’ means sweeter, white vermouth (ie bianco, pictured), ‘French’ means dryer white vermouth (such as Noilly Pratt), and ‘sweet’ means the red stuff. I’m probably wrong, and this drink would frankly work on any of them depending on your taste.

  • Curacao – pictured is some vintage Senior Curacao of Curacao I picked up at auction. This is delicious, but not necessary. Any clear orange liqueur will do, Cointreau probably being the most versatile/prevalent in home bars. It’s up to you to find the right orange liqueur for you.

  • White Rum – Craddock called for Bacardi White Rum, which is likely what you’ve got to hand. I would suggest exploring a bit though if you’re going to be making some white rum cocktails at home – especially as being able to make your own perfect daiquiri is a true pleasure after a shit day.


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