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Gin. Campari. Lemon Juice. Sugar. Grapes.

A delicious, summery twist on a Negroni – this is a bit of a modern classic from New York bar Milk and Honey. This is a shaken drink (if you’ve not got a shaker you can use a drinks thermos – but seriously if you’re making drinks you’re going to need a shaker).

1. Into the shaker (per drink) goes:

  • 25 ml (5 parts) Gin.

  • 25 ml (5 parts) Campari.

  • 20 ml (4 parts) Lemon Juice.

  • 15 ml Simple Syrup.

  • 5 Grapes (press them to make sure the skin is broken),

  • As much ice as you can fit.

2. Shake as hard as you can until the shaker feels ice cold (about ten seconds usually).

3. Strain into a rocks glass (or any tumbler) – making sure you keep the ice in the shaker while you pour. If you want to make sure you keep any grape fragments out of the drink, pass it through a tea strainer on the way to the glass.

4. Add fresh cubed ice. Garnish with some fresh grapes if you’re going to want a boozy snack later.

Some Notes:

  • Gin – Sipsmith is pictured, but you’re favourite London Dry will be fine.

  • Campari – Pictured is a weird special release of Campari I had lying around, but just use classic Campari (or, you’re favourite equivalent if for some reason you have one).

  • Lemon Juice – as ever, fresh is best. But if you only have prepackaged, it’ll be fine.

  • Simple Syrup – equal parts sugar and boiling water, stirred until clear.


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